Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thanks, Obrigado...

Thanks for your smile,
Obrigada for give me joyful,
Gracias for the look in your eyes,
Mercy for send me peaceful,
Danke for your calm,

Grazie for cause me happiness.

Thank You Very Much for your enthusiasm,

Muito Obrigada for make me celebrate,
Muchas Gracias for your respect to others,                                                        
Mercy Beaucoup for make me laugh,
Danke for your attitude for listen,
Tante Grazie for my tears.                                                                         
Thanks a Lot for your determination,
Obrigada for your perseverance,
Muy Gracias for your discipline,
Mercy for your martial spirit.
Ayrton just Thank You a Lot Very Much for been existed on this land.

Maria Laura Curzi

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